What is Captured By Gravity?

An experimental digital music project by Joe Pagan.

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Captured By Gravity was set up so that could I distribute the music in an easy way to people who like it.

Thanks for taking the time to take an interest into my project entitled "Captured By Gravity".

It started out as a university project where I got fellow musicians to assist me in recording an arrangement of songs that I had composed. Big thanks to those guys (and girls), couldn't have done it with out them. Those musicians are:

  • Chris Bishop - Drums & percussion
  • Toni Leann Sadler Wood - Vocals
  • Matthew Hickey - Pianos & Synths - @maffajaffa
  • Hannah Scatchard - Vocals - @hanscatch
  • Damien Harley - Guitar

Since university I obviously haven't had access to as much equipment so my drums have had to go digital. Never the less I plan to continue this project and make more music (and videos) in the upcoming months.

If you have any questions feel free to message me on twitter my username is @lexbi send me an email.

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If you still want more, checkout Impyus

Currently I am also in another band called Impyus, soon to be gigging around Yorkshire.

More videos available on YouTube & our website.

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